A Biblical view of the Shroud

My faith is in the word of God, and everything else has to measure up to that. But my faith came based on real-world evidence. Meaning, just like Paul’s and the apostles’ faith, my faith came after “many infallible proofs”. (Acts 1:3) Biblical Christianity is an evidence-based faith.

But now, having had more than enough in my lifetime to plant my feed solidly on unshakable ground, my faith in the Bible no longer rests in such “evidence” as creation science any more than it does the Shroud of Turin.

Over the Easter weekend I watched a Discovery program about the Shroud of Turin and there is a convincing case presented therein. They say they can only corroborate the history back to its appearance in Turin, but I’ve only heard of one candidate for where it came there from. Plus I have heard of evidence from earliest times that the Orthodox representation of Jesus’ face in icons from the earliest years were based on the face in the shroud.

I don’t worship images, but there is nothing wrong with discussing physical forensic evidence any more than there is discussing historical and documentary evidence for Jesus’ resurrection. What some Christians forget is that Paul repeatedly pointed to real-world evidence for Christ’s bodily restoration to life, eyewitnesses and all.

I was extremely skeptic when I first heard the hoopla, and thought the Roman hierarchy was kind of foolish to allow scientific scrutiny of probably another fake. After all, it was a Roman Catholic icon –albeit not officially recognized by the papal hierarchy– but then the science started leaking out. Compare it to the situation with creation science, sometimes darwinists uncover the best evidence for a young earth age, then present it as their own evidence! It’s like God deceives them into kicking themselves in spite of themselves!

That said, here are things to consider.

All the members of the science team, including the ones who still deny both the shroud’s relationship to Christ and who deny Christ himself, all say that they have NO IDEA how anybody could produce such a fake today, let alone someone in the Middle Ages.

There are marks that are INVISIBLE to the human eye that match areas where bodily fluids would be in a crucified body on the face that ONLY show up under special late-20th century photographic methods.

The shroud has been analyzed by specific graphical computer software that found that it has actually a three-dimensional impression, a phenomenon that no painted image on a flat surface has ever emulated.

The carbon dating has been shown now to be from a patch attached in the Middle Ages. The original plan was to take pieces from different areas of the cloth for reliability, and with various attending, but it was done by just a couple of guys in a room apart. I think the ones that snipped it still insist it is a fake based on the carbon dating, which is a very peculiar situation.

The pollen botanist on the panel assures us that its pollen says it is from the Palestine area, and consistent with the mix found in other comparable artifacts from the FIRST century.

There’s a lot more but there you have it…

As an interesting side note, Elvis Presley’s half-brother tells us that when they found him that morning, he had two books open in front of his prone body. One was the Bible, and the other was the Shroud of Turin. Some say he was seeking for answers in his despair.

I believe that suspicion of more sinister explanations of that death are reasonable…


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  1. Bosco Peters Says:

    Thanks this is also being discussed in comments to my post http://www.liturgy.co.nz/blog/shroud-turin/2944

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