The Hard Problem Consciousness–Cosmos and Culture

This article touches on why my thoughts followed science into “fringe science” aka “paranormal phenomena”, which seemed a real thing, during my college days. I was thinking in simple direct logical implications of what we know about basic biology and about basic physics. The prospect, the potential, was so obvious to me and the payback so enormous for daily life that it baffled me beyond measure why scientists were not researching it more. They didn’t seem to be investigating these things at all!

Well, now I know that a few were but they were mightily unfunded, although it is reasonable that there may be good amounts of funded secret research going on. With the Internet one can participate in some organized exercises. Although one of them seems to be led by someone that is compromised with the wrong spiritual side of things, albeit subtly.

I was thinking of electromagnetism and the electric phenomena associated with the nervous system. The shark has an organ that can detect such emanations from anything living at kilometers distance. The human brain is huge.

There is an interplay between what we know as the “physical” and the “spiritual” (or “supernatural”) In fact, though, it is increasingly
evident to me that this is a totally arbitrary distinction. The whole thing is the “real world”. This is not a “religious” concept, and God
does not belong to one little human-organized group or human defined domain.

But he is part of the real world, and no court order can ever make it otherwise, no matter how hard Stalinist regimes and fifth-column disinformation agents try…



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