Easter! Or Not?!

WND is a good source for a lot of news events that arehttps://truebook.wordpress.com/wp-admin/post.php?action=edit&post=170 ignored by the Ruler-Controlled Press, but they have played up one John Kovacs’ attacks on the Bible, under the guise of defending it!

He ignorantly tries to say that the word “Easter” in the book of Acts in the King James Bible is a mistranslation!

Now you might expect that from somebody who doesn’t know the English language, but then we have a bunch of translators of other versions who don’t know their target language either!

And why? In 1611 the English word “Easter” meant the SAME thing it does TODAY! And that is, the day on which we celebrate the remember the resurrection of Jesus Christ!

But oh, no, this blowhard wants to say the word was Passover.

In England they did not celebrate Passover during that season, they knew the season as Easter not Passover! If that sounds familiar, it’s because TODAY, in the year 2010, in the current English lingo, in the United States of America, I just this minute heard a narrator on a cable news network mention the Congress going soon on “EASTER break”.



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