Does God favor English for his Bible? Or the KJB?

A lot of people who deny that God would anoint one particular “version” of his word over another, they will ask what about other languages?
Many who deny that the KJB could be the one true Bible and the rest not, often ask something like “Does the same argument apply to (e.g.) French, German, Dutch, Spanish or Italian, which are spoken by millions of Christians around the world?”

The arrogance of some Americans overseas in times past always irked me. But….

It is just as arrogant to deny a role for English as it is to deny a role for Hebrew. Or Greek. Why question God?

> Does the same argument apply to (e.g.) French, German, Dutch, Spanish or Italian, which are spoken by millions of Christians around the world ?

> If not, why not ?

Because God knows more than you, or me, he sees the end from the beginning.

God spoke Hebrew in the OT, Greek in the NT, and English in KJB. Greek was the world’s de-facto international language in the times of the NT, so God made sure his word got into Greek.

God also knew in 1611 that English would be THE de-facto international language in later centuries, and that it would march around the world, and dominate its life. He knew that nobody understood ancient Greek anymore, Greece included.

God knows that with a real living language of substantial reach, it’s more difficult for the snotty-nose crowd to pull a fast one on the rest of us, spouting nonsense about “…What it really means is..” The Jews couldn’t pull a fast one on anybody in Roman times because it was the de facto international language, period, end of story.

Like the snotty-nose Harvard Divinity graduates crowd now working on the translations from your favorite publisher.

Psalms 75:7 But God is the judge: he putteth down one, and setteth up another.

Almost since they’ve had “international airports”, the traffic controllers have to speak FLUENT English everywhere. Air traffic controllers in North Korea MUST speak FLUENT English or they don’t get the job. And Iran. And Venezuela. And Russia. And Latin America. And “outer Mongolia”.

When I was a missionary in Columbia, a businessman asked me to translate a business letter for him from Brazil written in ENGLISH.

The best computer hackers around the world who speak English as a SECOND language, (the good kind, that just like to do programming and tech stuff), insist that English is an absolute MUST if you want to be a tech-savvy computer whiz. Eric Raymond of the Open Software Foundation, wrote a list of things you needed to do or be to excel, and all the hackers from Germany, France and around the world roared at him to include ENGLISH.

China, that great bastion of anti-American sentiment, is now teaching ENGLISH in all their schools, and it is almost easy for American missionaries to sneak in there because they are still desperate to get better at it. I work with a gal who came recently from there, and her mastery of English is impressive.

During my time in the Dominican Republic, the doctors that I met that wanted to keep up with their fields read magazines in ENGLISH. Some of them didn’t even speak it, but they read all the technical tomes in fluent ENGLISH.


“….English is the most widely scattered of the great speech communities. It is also the most commonly used auxiliary language in the world. The United Nations uses English not only as one of its official languages but also as one of its two working languages….”

It’s the “lingua franca” of the world. In another reference, an author argued for a new invented language for “the” language of Europe, but he had to argue his case against English.



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