Reflect the light to an evil world…

We can’t understand everything about what we consider evil, but one
thing to ponder is that if God were to stop all evil in the world, he
would have to stop YOU individually and ME too.

Meantime, Jesus commanded us to let his joy be in us. The light of Jesus
shines in many people, it reflects in their countenance, even as they
are persecuted in many countries around the world.

And it is a dazzling light. It burns through the worst of tyrannies,
even North Korea.

I have a missionary friend married to a Korean and working with North
Koreans and very active in what he calls an “advocacy ministry”, which
means he gathers information and shares it in circles of power to push
for more freedom for the North Koreans.

A true story is told about a North Korean Christian who went back in to
witness to others, who escaped to China after his companions were
killed. He met with Christians there, and went back in to witness.

Another Christian lady served some years in a prison camp. Some time
after her release, the prison camp guard appeared at her door. At first
she figured it was to take her away again, because she had never
renounced her Christ.

But he begged her to tell him what it was that they had, for he had seen
the countenance of the Christians that had been executed in his camp,
how they went cheerfully to meet Jesus.

Our job, the task before us who see such Evil in the world, is to share
Heaven with them. Salvation is of course the most important thing, as
the word mandates. But the world is improved in many other ways by the
measure of truly godly and Christlike people in it.

God has indeed done wonders to make the world better since Christ came
and grace and truth spread around the world with him.

The end of gladiator fights, the end of slavery in early Christian
Europe from the influence of Saint Patrick and others through Europe,
the promotion of literacy among peoples who lacked it before, the end of
human sacrifice and infanticide throughout the world (with the modern
exception of the prenatal infanticide holocaust), universities,
hospitals, clinics, orphanages, emergency response ministries (Red Cross).

Modern science itself was birthed in Christian cultures based on the
Biblical principle that God as Creator had ordained an orderly universe
that could be discovered, and science has gone forward in helping heal
people around the world.

It is the enemies of Christ who want to end all this, at the same time
as they use Pavlovian tricks to fool people into thinking that their own
machinations, and those of their father the devil, are God’s doing.

We rejoice in Jesus Christ our Lord which hath given us the victory.


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