Adam Savage was quoted in a blog referring to a Popular Mechanics podcast in a rant against creationism. He showed historical illiteracy and some short-circuit logic. He said attacks on (darwinian) evolution were attacks on the scientific method as religious. He said attacks on darwinism were “damaging scientific exploration”. He claimed that reminders by creationists that (darwinian) evolution was only a theory were because people have an erroneous idea that science is the search for ultimate truths.

Wow. So much delusion in one article. Let us clarify some things here.

#1.Scientific method in the real world:

a.In the real world, Adam Savage cannot quote ONE creationist who asserts that the scientific method is religious.

b.In the real world.It was creationists like Roger Bacon who formalized the scientific method by steps.


#2.Science exploration in the world:

“That kind of attack absolutely is damaging science exploration across the whole country.”

—a.Any attack on the scientific method is damaging to science activities for sure.

—b.It was creationists like Isaac Newton, a young-earth creationist, who birthed modern science and science exploration across all countries of the world.


#3.Willingness to have your mind changed:

–You’ve never seen a stubborn refusal to change when it comes to the more religious believers of darwinism.


–From Alan,
a former darwinist who actually was willing to really, truly, consider challenges to his darwinian beliefs…(Are you?)


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