Some evolutionists say it’s OK to deceive students

Evolutionist: it’s OK to deceive students to believe evolution:

Examples include Bora Zivkovic, Online Community Manager at PLoS-ONE, and

Here are a few of those lies, some of which are going into textbooks into the 21st century, plucked from the above link (which has lots more to look at):

* Forged Haeckel embryo pictures, still used in many textbooks
* Staged photos of peppered moths which wouldn’t even prove goo-to-you evolution anyway but merely the creationist-invented theory of natural selection.
* Misleading analogies that cars and airplanes evolved when of course they were designed (Intelligent Design leader Phillip E. Johnson calls this ‘Berra’s Blunder’, and Ian Plimer committed this blunder too).
* Claiming that creationists believe that God must have created cave fish as blind.
* Insinuating that creationists deny natural selection and variation.
* Piltdown Man, an obvious forgery not exposed for 40 years, and the peccary tooth dubbed ‘Nebraska man’
* Archaeoraptor , the Piltdown Bird.


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