Fulfilled prophecies, David Berg

There are dozens of prophecies that David Berg made about events that were in the future at the time, but have since been fulfilled.

1.He gave us the geopolitical alignments of the list of nations that would ally for the still-future Ezekiel 37 invasion of Israel. At the time Ethiopia still had Haile Selasse, Iran still had the Shah, and there were more that have changed since then.

2.He predicted the reunification of East and West Germany at a time when the Cold War was as hot as it ever was.

3.He predicted that Europe would distance itself from the United States and embrace Russia instead. This also happened.

4.He predicted an “opening up” of Russia to the Gospel, and the distribution of Christian gospel literature all over that country, which began even before “glasnost” (opening-up) and “perestroika” (restructuring) actually happened.beineven encg
ouraging our missions by their hands-off approach, letting it happen. One medical doctor and student from China I met once in conversation said his idea of why the Chinese are not more agressive in eliminating all Christianity as they did with Mao’s cultural revolution, that being that the more religious are more productive workers and help keep them more honest.

5.He interpreted one dream as representing the gospel spreading inside China, and it has happened.

6.One colonel told a meeting once about Alexander Haig finding Nixon, during his darkest days, curled up on the floor naked in embryonic pose and muttering about “martial law”. This is an exact picture David Berg painted in the letter “Green Door”.

7.I accepted it but had difficulty in the earliest 1970s with the image of the USA being the Whore of Babylon of Revelations 17 and 18, but as the years went by it became ever more apparent. (The telling comparisons are between what America was like before, and after).

8.Some people later mocked the “40 Days” prophecy because they misinterpreted it. David was upset with those who said he put a date on the fall of America there.

–But that totally missed the message of the Old Testament book of Jonah itself, where Nineveh was not destroyed at the 40 Days mark, setting off Jonah moping.

—In fact, though, Nineveh WAS later destroyed.

—And the USA, as a nation, having disdained the warning, has been bleeding ever since, beginning the year following Comet Kohoutek’s perihelion, with the oil boycott, oil shortage, unprecedented queues for gasoline, the national truckers’ strike, and the leaders and presidents of almost EVERY major Western nation that year fell, including Nixon, also lines up.

9.He said that what the Family was doing then, the churches would be doing in twenty years, and that’s true, at least of the ones who still have some witnessing legacy. This extends to some of the doctrines too. A few examples:

(a).They have begun to shed the taboo on words like “pregnant” and “sex” with parents.

(b).George Barna, the respected Christian pollster, wrote the book “Revolution”, about Christians leaving traditional churches in accelerating numbers seeking spiritual nourishment and growth elsewhere, as in actual ministries that do something.

(c).People in many churches have grown a backbone on things that matter about which they were formerly mum, abortion, (darwinian) evolution, historical truth about true Christianity, and other modern perversions.

(d).There is a very great number of Christians now that professes belief in post-Tribulation rapture.

(e).Even the unbiblical attachment of Christian in the US to Israel and to “observant” Jews, many are coming to free themselves from the idea that God meant the spiritual promises to Abraham for the children of faith, and not flesh.

(f).One evangelist well-known to Christians had a festival on the beach here in South Florida recently, a reflection of of Huntington Beach, albeit with emphasis on entertainment over message, with obligatory disclaimers to the contrary.

10.Other prophecies are have some apparent preliminary reflections in current events. I have heard some retired military officers have told of closed military bases where the barbed wire has been changed from leaning outward, to leaning inward. The city of New Orleans lining up on the roads outside the city reflected one prophetic dream about the cities.

There are more, for later…

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